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Taiwan Lapping Abrasive Co.,Ltd. has been a special agent on oversea abrasive polishing products more than twenty years. Many practical experiences are accumulated during the time. Taiwan Lapping Abrasive Co.,Ltd has been invested a lot on the research and development for the high cost-performance ratio product on PU resin fine polishing pad. Products can be made according to different application of market.

When choosing suitable polishing pad, you need to consider the following points.

1. Hardness.
2. The shape of the pore.
3. The size of pore on the surface.
4. The thickness of the Nap layer (PU resin layer).
5. The uniformity and flatness of the overall thickness.
6. The surface roughness.
7. Moisture content.
8. The uniformity of pore size and dispersion in each unit area.
9. The percentage of PU resin in each unit area.

During the polishing process, the yield rate of workpiece not only lies on the stability of the equipment and parameters, but also the selection of the adaptability between polishing pad and polishing slurry.

This is the combination of chemical polishing and physical polishing similar to CMP, so the pore structure of the polishing pad foaming technology plays an important role.

Last but not least, the high quality polishing pad also requires precision grinding and high bonding tech at the last process.

Glass、quartz、ceramic、optical elements、semiconductor elements、stainless steel、aluminum alloy、acrylic、engineering plastics、gemstone……etc.

Nap layer(pure PU resin layer) is 0.3mm~0.7mm thick, the finished product thickness can be customized by adding spin-fibre, PET , EVA or double-sided tape , the maximum size is 1350mm x 1350mm.

Both finished product and semifinished product are all available.

Polishing pad structure analysis
The cross-sectional view of poles
The uniformity of pore size and dispersion in each unit area
Size of the surface apecture
The thickness of the Nap layer (PU resin layer)
The percentage of PU resin in each unit area
Products: ceramic ferrule, paper roller, optical glass, liquid crystal panel, metallographic study \ motor \ CD mother and other grinding polishing various fields.

●  fine powder
●  The polishing pad
     Polyurethane ( cerium oxide ), PU category, category flannel
●  polishing agent
     Class Sio2, class Diamond, class Al2O3
●  grinding related supplies
     Wax, cleaning fluid, coolant, dispersant, UV glue

●  Polishing powder raw materials

     Cerium oxide, zirconium oxide polishing powder
●  3M     NANOLAP
     Precision grinding products

●  The optical glass

     Semiconductor cleaning brush
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